People who live in Baltimore are, scientifically, better than people who choose to live in other cities. The Hey Baltimore podcast exists to give you insight into all the awesome people doing awesome things in our city. Just about every week we sit down with interest people who are kind enough to share their stories with us.

  • Hey Nasreen

    Nasreen Alkhateeb of All Media Storytelling dishes on the Labs at Light City, what exactly a trans-media storyteller does, and about flying over the arctic in a plane from World War II.

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  • John Krakauer / Hopkins Neurologist

    Dr. John Krakauer, famed Johns Hopkins neurologist and neuroscientist, talk to us about using non-invasive experiments, like video games, to learn more about how our brains learn to control our bodies. The research helps victims of brain injury, such as strokes, recover. John is also a fascinating world traveler who has interesting insights about his adopted home city, Baltimore.

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