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July 16, 2024
Keeping Downtown Vibrant

Clean Streets Initiative

DPOB’s Clean Street Ambassadors work seven days a week to help keep our Downtown streets beautiful by emptying trash from more than 400 cans in the DMA, sweeping the streets, removing graffiti, cleaning alleys, and reporting code violations.

Did you know?

Our clean team is piloting “smart” trash can lids that track useful capacity data to help us better understand trash can deployment needs.

We are firm believers in the “broken window” theory. If litter and graffiti are not addressed daily, investment in the area decreases.

Our CSA program is also a “second chance” employment program, that provides entry-level jobs, training, and benefits to many people who have overcome a past of addiction and incarceration. Apply today.

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In 2020, we collected over 500 tons of garbage from DPOB managed trashcans, streets, and alleyways.

What We Do

Clean Streets Ambassadors

Downtown Partnership of Baltimore’s Clean Street Ambassadors provide the following services to our Downtown neighborhoods.

Garbage Removal

Our CSA’s perform street sweeping and trash removal for the 106-block, Downtown area. Servicing nearly 300 DPOB-owned trash cans, and tending to an additional 100-150 trash cans not owned by DPOB.

Gutter and Curb Detailing

Special attention is also paid to keeping gutters and curbs clear of trash, leaves, and snow.

Park Beautification

CSAs are regularly assigned to specified parks and public spaces to keep them vibrant.

Tree Maintenance

CSA’s maintain specific trees, tree pits, and perform related tree maintenance as needed.

Graffiti Removal

Our team is trained to remove graffiti from businesses at the request of property owners, including removal on historic facades as approved by CHAP.

Power Washing

Property owners can request power washing services free of charge if they are located in the DMA boundaries.

Human Waste Removal

It happens, we can help. Our CSAs provide special cleaning detail for human waste removal.

Collaboration with DPW

We do a lot, but we can’t do it all. We regularly communicate with and notify DPW if specialized services are needed.

Specialized Clean-Focused Initiatives

Depending on the needs at the time, we project manage and collaborate with DPW to launch specialized clean initiatives.

Located in the DMA?

Make a Service Request

If your business is located within the Downtown Management Authority Boundaries, you qualify to receive supplemental services from DPOB operations team members. Fill out the following form below to make your request. As always, please also call 311 if your request falls under the jurisdiction of Baltimore City.