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November 28, 2021
Key Initiatives

Alley Beautification

Downtown Partnership is reimagining alleyways. By enhancing these underutilized areas, we’re working to provide more engaging and intimate public spaces, enhance the pedestrian experience, support small businesses and artists, and provide areas that serve as a respite to busy streets.

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Meet the Team

In 2020, DPOB created an internal workgroup to address much needed alley improvements.

Led by President Shelonda Stokes, both the operations and economic development teams have been tapped with a coordinated mission to improve Downtown Baltimore’s alleys. The goal is clean, bright, artistic, safe spaces. The Alley Initiative is supported by Thomas Akras, Chief of Operations Management; Lito Tongson, Vice President of Capital Projects; Lauren Hamilton, Chief Marketing Officer; and Claudia Jolin, Vice President of Economic Development, with incredible daily support from the DPOB Clean Street Ambassadors.

REndering of beautified alleyway featuring lights, murals, seating, and trees.

Revitalized alleys will feature murals by local artists, enhanced lighting, outdoor seating, and greenery.

woman skipping and holding two shopping bags in front of colorful, abstract mural.
We've created a color-coded system to assess alley conditions in the Downtown Area
  • 16 RED Alleys

  • 8 YELLOW Alleys

  • 11 GREEN Alleys

  • 4 PURPLE Alleys

Color Key:

Red: Concentrated Trash/Congestion |

Yellow: Mild Trash/Congestion |

Green: Clean/Non-Congested |

Purple: Clean/Free of Debris/High Placemaking Potential

The Placemaking Plan

As alleys are improved to the standards of purple alleys, they become a prime location for art, light, and possible outdoor seating or programmatic spaces. Downtown Partnership’s Economic Development and Marketing teams are tasked with identifying property owners, stakeholders, and grants that will help cover the costs of these placemaking improvements. If your business is interested in sponsoring an alley, contact us.


As of spring 2021, the following alleys have been identified as purple alleys and are undergoing plans for physical improvements:

Purple Alley

FedEx Alley

This alley is slated for a large mural from local artist on the wall of 23 E Baltimore Street that faces CharlesStreet next to the FedEx building.

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Purple Alley

Hotel Alley / 10 N. Charles

Tucked next to Hotel Monaco, Lord Baltimore Hotel, Howard Bank and 10 N. Charles Street, this alley is slated for peekaboo art installs at both entrances, down lighting to highlight the art, possible painting in the street, and the addition of outdoor seating at the B&O Brasserie.

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Purple Alley

Grant Street

This alley will see art and increased lighting in the space as soon as possible, with possible expansion to the M&T Bank building garage.

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Purple Alley

25 S. Charles / Light Street

This alley will see mural work from local artist Megan Lewis, enhanced lighting, and possible outdoor seating.

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In order to make strides on this initiative, Downtown Partnership is increasing partnerships with the Department of Public Works and Department of Transportation to address non-permitted alley dumpsters and to create alley hot teams dedicated to large clean-up efforts.

Another goal is to assist property owners with permitting non-registered dumpsters, and working with City partners to tow and fine illegal dumpsters. Secondarily, DPOB hopes to encourage property owners and tenants to upgrade to trash compactors to eliminate dumpster diving, rodents, and overflow issues.

Once a base level of cleanliness is achieved in these alleyways, they can then be considered for larger, alley beautification projects that feature placemaking, art, and lighting.

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