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October 28, 2021
Fostering Growth in Downtown Baltimore

Economic Development

Downtown Baltimore neighborhoods are one of the largest economic engines in the city. While they account for just one percent of the Baltimore’s geography, they generate more than $122 million in property taxes and 85% of hotel taxes, 75% of the parking taxes, and 16% of all income taxes collected by the City. To keep this engine humming, we provide research-driven initiatives that foster development and track Downtown’s economic progress. Scroll down to learn more about our economic development initiatives.

"Baltimore is a great place to start a business. Downtown has vibrancy, life, and creative energy. We definitely have found our people here."

Keyia Yalcin, Owner of Fishnet

Photo by Jon Bregel. Read Keyia’s full story at Baltimore Small Business Stories. 

Area of Focus

Business Attraction and Retention

Our Economic Development team serves as a resource for businesses looking to move, grow or expand in Downtown. By actively monitoring legal issues impacting businesses and keeping on top of the latest tax incentives and historical preservation news and updates, we help businesses navigate growth in Baltimore.