May 27, 2024
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Downtown Management Authority Work

Keeping Downtown
Clean, Safe, & Vibrant

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These "smart" trash can lids track enhanced data

Trash Cans

2021 Initiatives

Working Harder, Working Smarter

DMA Initiative

Enhanced Alley Beautification

DPOB intends to ensure that the dumpsters in over 40 streets and alleys are cleaned, maintained, and properly permitted. We also have plans to transform certain alleys into cultural destinations with commissioned public art, enhanced wayfinding, and installed street furniture.

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DMA Initiative

Improved Customer Communications

In 2020, we implemented new Silvertrac technology to optimize patrols, improve incident reporting, and generate data we use to monitor trends and proactively address future issues. This year, we are working to integrate our customer service requests directly with 311 by working with city agencies to create requests that DPOB can respond to within the district.

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DMA Initiative

Illegal Dumping Enforcement

We are working to partner with the Bureau of Solid Waste and Department of Housing and Community Development to conduct proactive enforcement operations within known alleys where Illegal dumping frequently occurs.

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DMA Initiative

Enhanced Hospitality Training for Downtown Baltimore Guides

Each one of our DBGs receives specialized hospitality and tourism training, was well as training to assist people struggling with housing insecurity and medical or mental health challenges. This year, we are expanding upon these efforts through updated, more regular trainings, and by partnering with Downtown institutions to arm our DBGs with an expanded knowledgebase of cultural recommendations.

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Clean, Green, & Safe at a Glance
  • 500 Tons Garbage Collected

  • 10000 Flowers Planted

  • 53406 Citizens Assisted

  • 32634 Businesses Contacted

  • 16639 Homeless Checks Made

  • 176 People Connected to Social Services