May 23, 2024

Turning Parking Spots into Dining Destinations

July 9, 2020
Downtown Partnership's outdoor

Specially-designed “parklet” safely contains tables and chairs to add
 outdoor seating to restaurants with limited sidewalk space.


BALTIMORE – Downtown Partnership is helping restaurants who would like to add outdoor seating but don’t have enough sidewalk space to accommodate tables and chairs. To get around the problem, we’re bringing back our parklet, which is a specially-designed unit that safely allows for dining in a curbside parking spot.

To create the parklet, Downtown Partnership worked with Design Collective and OE Customs. The Partnership wanted something that is modular and moveable, but heavy enough to keep people safe from nearby traffic. They also wanted it to look great, so the parklet has umbrellas for shade, string lighting, tables, benches and chairs.

Over the coming month, Downtown Partnership’s parklet will be popping up in front of popular restaurants along Charles Street, where narrow sidewalks make it impossible for normal outdoor seating. The Parklet will move to different locations every two weeks, on the following schedule:

  1. Cazbar
    316 N. Charles Street
    Tuesday, July 14- Monday, July 27
  2. Homeslyce
    336 N. Charles Street
    Tuesday, July 28- Monday, August 10
  3. Mick O’Sheas
    328 N. Charles Street
    Tuesday, August 11 – Monday, August 24
  4. The Civil
    518 N. Charles Street
    Tuesday, August 25 – Tuesday, September 8

Hours of service may vary. Diners should contact the restaurants for times and reservations.