Kirby Fowler

Joy Handy-Lane
Senior Executive Assistant
Administrative Services

Michele Rutkowski
COO/ Executive Vice President, Administration

Kimberly Bell
Manager, Accounting

Debbie Campbell
Vice President, Human Resources

Michael Cook
Vice President, Information Technology

Regina Green
Director, Payroll

Stephanie Prall
Vice President, Finance

Ruby Watson
Administrative Coordinator
Business Development & Membership

Shannon Brown
Vice President, Business Development & Membership

Jessica Honeycutt
Junior Manager, Business Development
Capital Projects

Bob Dengler
Senior Vice President, Capital Projects & Constituent Services

Lito Tongson
Vice President, Project Management & Contracts Administrator

Michael Evitts
Senior Vice President, Communications & Brand Strategy
Economic Development

Claudia Jolin
Vice President, Economic Development

William Dorfman
Manager, Economic Development

Sam Storey
Director, Economic Development

Emily Breiter
Director, Economic Development and Arts Initiatives
Marketing & Promotions

Lauren Hamilton
Vice President, Marketing & Promotions

Marissa Moss
Manager, Marketing & Promotions

William Marcus
Senior Vice President, Safety Programs

Nathaniel Fields
Vice President, Community Outreach

Perry Stanfield
Vice President, Public Space Maintenance

Stephanie Bolton
Chief of Staff, Clean & Safe Programs

Linda Henry
Manager, Operations

Laqusia Wade
Senior Director

Kevin Harris
Director, Clean Team

Nick Usher
Manager, Homeless Outreach

Patricia Pittman
Coordinator, Homeless Outreach

Jitiba Brown
Receptionist & Dispatcher

Jewelry Huntley
Assistant, Building Maintenance
Parks & Programming

Linda House
Senior Vice President, Parks & Programming

Courtneye Drake
Manager, Events & Programming

Brandon Kelly
Director, Parks & Programming

Jameel Talley
Park Leader

Chaz Sewell-Bay
Manager, Public Space Landscaping

Ashley White
Coordinator, Parks & Programming