Why Downtown Baltimore?

The story of the new century is the story of the City, and Downtown Baltimore is leading the way. In Downtown Baltimore you’ll find the biggest business center developing in tandem with the fastest-growing residential area in the region.

With over 122,000 employees and nearly 43,000 residents, Downtown Baltimore is the 10th-largest downtown in the United States, and supports more employment than the geographically larger business districts in nearby Columbia and Towson, combined. And, with major residential units added to the market in 2016, we’re working hard to keep up with the demand of professionals working and living Downtown.

The Numbers

Downtown Baltimore is the most significant economic asset within Baltimore City and the region:

• 35% of all Baltimore jobs are in Downtown
• Downtown neighborhoods are the fastest-growing residential areas with 42,861 residents
• $1.2 billion retail dollars were spent last year in Downtown
• Downtown has 28 million sq feet of office space
• 293 hotels rooms were under construction in 2016, with 574 more coming in the next six years, helping to accommodate our 24 million annual visitors.


Your business is only as good as its people. Technology makes it possible to operate anywhere in the world. But, in a competitive global economy, more regional executives choose Downtown Baltimore because this is where their best and brightest employees want to be.

Incredible institutions like Johns Hopkins, Peabody, and University of Maryland; serious buzz in the tech start-up world, and  access to public transit, housing, restaurants, and night life are luring young talent to Baltimore everyday. More and more, college grads choose where they want to live before they choose where they want to work- a trend we’re benefitting from here in Baltimore.


Good things happen when creative people from different industries, backgrounds, and skill sets are in proximity to each other. That’s what drives innovation and it’s why businesses like T. Rowe Price, Under Armour, Legg Mason, PNC, Pandora, and R2i have made Downtown Baltimore their home.

In an isolated business park, it’s hard to find new clients or entertain existing ones. In Downtown, however, all you need to do is walk out your door and there’s a good chance you’ll run into your next big client. And when your out-of-town clients come here for a meeting, they have their pick of world-class hotels, attractions, and restaurants. What better way to show that your business is a player in the regional, national, and international economy?

  • M&T Bank New Headquarters

    M&T will occupy a total of 155,000 square feet across six floors of the new glass tower at 1 Light Street in Charles Center, accounting for 60 percent of the building’s available office space. Its logo will adorn the building, which will also have a parking garage, 5,000sq of retail, and luxury apartments.

  • More Investment in Port Covington

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is becoming a joint owner in the 235 acre Port Covington project, with a $233 million investment announced in mid-September.

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  • Baltimore Tech: Core Focus

    Downtown Partnership is excited to host the State of Downtown Tech during Baltimore Innovation Week 2017. The event will feature networking and a panel discussion about the economic impact and trends we are seeing in the tech and innovation industries as they relate to the Downtown landscape.

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  • Station North Housing Stock on the Rise

    SAA | EVI Development is also moving forward with an eight-story, 103-unit building overlooking Penn Station in the Station North Arts District. More than 1,000 people have moved into Station North since the district was established in 2002.

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  • Downtown Baltimore Development

    Check out our comprehensive catalog of projects within a one-mile radius of Pratt and Light Streets, including planned, under construction, and recently completed projects.More than half of a billion dollars in projects were delivered in 2016, a figure larger than 2014 and 2015, combined.

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Kayak to work. Shop during lunch. Jog through Downtown’s historic districts around the harbor. Enjoy live music at night, galleries on the weekend, and dinner with friends whenever you feel like it. Downtown Baltimore has waterfront views, green parks and plazas, historic buildings, afternoon Orioles games, and the best restaurants in the region. It’s got parking, transit, and walkability- all in an affordable, accessible urban center.


Here's a short list of incentives to do business in Baltimore.