May 23, 2024

Governor Hogan Announces $50M Budget for Relocation of State Agencies to CBD

April 21, 2021
Government officials standing at podium and speaking during a press conference.

Today, the Central Business District received a much-needed spark with the official announcement of Governor Hogan’s budget commitment of $50M to relocate 12 State Agencies from State Center. Today’s announcement included the release of two RFP’s to relocate 700 employees from the Maryland Department of Human Services and 1,200 employees from the Maryland Health Department to the Central Business District.

The relocation plan comes will help re-vitalize and stabilize Baltimore’s central business district. This announcement comes at a time when jobs in the area have declined by 5.6% and the vacancy rate has been increased to nearly 24%.

It began with a Zoom meeting between Downtown Partnership and Senate President Bill Ferguson who represents the city in the state legislature and presented these ideas to Governor Hogan.

“The Partnership is extremely grateful to Senate President Ferguson for his commitment to Downtown, and for answering our calls and lobbying to the Governor on our behalf,”
said DPOB President Shelonda Stokes.

Through this important step in the right direction, Governor Hogan has demonstrated a commitment and willingness to prioritize Downtown Baltimore in his new budget.  The Central Business District still has quite a ways to go in working with DGS to relocate the remaining 10 agencies, but this is a positive step in the right direction.

 Click here to view the full announcement.