September 24, 2023

Candy Lane Race

April 1, 2020


How to play:

  1. This game is fun with more than one! Gather one or more friends to play with you.
  2. Choose someone to start the fun! We recommend that the youngest player starts the game.
  3. Spin the wheel – that’s the deal! Much like twister or Candyland, spin the digital wheel and move to the color it lands on closest to your current position. Take turns spinning the wheel between players and moving ahead.
  4. Remember to share if someone is there! Two players are allowed to land on the same space at once.
  5. Beware of green – it’s not routine! Each green space has special instructions. You could lose a turn or have to go back a spot. You could also get to move an extra space forward or even swap spaces with another player.
  6. In order to win, you need a specific spin! You MUST spin purple to land on the winning space in order to complete the game.
  7. You made it through, now what do you do? Here are a few suggestions:
    • Submit your winner’s name and contact information BY CLICKING HERE to be entered to win a Downtown Baltimore Prize Basket at the completion of Candy Lane. One winner submission per email. Prize drawn 12/20/22.
    • Post a photo of your winner on Instagram or Facebook. Be sure to tag @DowntownBaltimore #CandyLane2022
    • Start over! Have fun and run as many “races” as you want.